Student Package

School life can be very overwhelming and full of activities (both frivolous and important ones). With all forms of distractions from different angles, and lack of time management, especially spending long hours that could have been used to study on social media, chit-chats, and all sorts has made it even worse amidst others. By so doing, they end up performing below expectations, and unable to fulfil their learning goals.

With all the challenges in view, we have trained accountability and commitment partners which we call “CoPartners” available on this platform who will check in with you via weekly video call sessions throughout the semester, where you share your weekly academic goals, progress and challenges with your assigned partner, to help with accountability, support and encouragement to the end that you meet your established academics goals for the semester.

How it Works

After Registration and subscription, you will be automatically matched with a CoPartner for a semester (three months), The CoPartner will onboard you via video call in which the link will be sent to your mail, during the onboarding session you will discuss extensively the goals you are aiming to achieve and your CoPartner will give you professional guidance and counsel, so afterwards your CoPartner schedules other video call sessions with you for monitoring, accountability, commitment’s sake and follow up as you have both discussed and planned.

Note: You are expected to be accountable to your CoPartner and during your video call sessions you are expected to report your progress with evidence if possible and you can share your challenges and other pressing issues that might hinder your commitment and dedication to your goals with your CoPartner, who will in turn address it all by sharing insights on how you can keep going and navigate through your commitment challenges. All video call sessions are through Google meet or Zoom (as concluded by you and your CoPartner).

We believe where your money is, your heart will be there, hence subscription fee is a way to ensure that you are committed to your video call sessions and also a means to provide little support to CoPartners on this platform.

Student Plan

NGN 3,000 / semester (3months)

What is in this plan:

12 live video call sessions with your assigned CoPartner (once a week, days as scheduled by you and your CoPartner)

Access to our webinar

Reminder to achieving your plans as discussed with your CoPartner via Email

Interaction with your CoPartner via Email

Qualification for the Student of the Week across all our social media platforms

Qualification for being our Student Ambassador in your school.

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We’re committed to seeing more abandoned goals and yet-to-be abandoned goals achieved through our platform.