Commitment Partner is a commitment and accountability platform designed to help those on the verge of giving up on their plans towards achieving their goals by connecting them to trained accountability and commitment partner that will give them the drive they need to achieve their set goal.

A CoPartner is a trained accountability and commitment partner, who is always ready to work with you to the end that you achieve your goals, by providing one on one support, encouragement and motivation that will help your focus and drive your commitment.

Within 12hrs – 24hrs after registration.

To foster relationships and enforce accountability.

Zoom or Google meet as concluded by you and your CoPartner.

Yes, it’s very compulsory.

It’s compulsory because that is how you report your progress with evidence if possible and a means to share your challenges and other pressing issues that might hinder your commitment and dedication to your goals with your CoPartner, who will in turn address it all by sharing insights on how you can keep going and navigate through your commitment challenges.

We believe where your money is, your heart will be there, hence subscription fee is a way to ensure that you are committed to your video sessions and also a means to provide little support to our CoPartners on this platform.
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We’re committed to seeing more abandoned goals and yet-to-be abandoned goals achieved through our platform.